E.T. Award

eHealth / Telemedicine Award for Innovative Patient Communication

The organisers of the annual eHealth conference want to support application of innovative eHealth / telemedicine methods in communication between health care providers and patients. Therefore, in the course of the annual conference, the E.T. Award is assigned to the applicant who uses information and communication technology in the most innovative way, in order to establish new opportunities for communication in between partners in health care.

Eligibility Criteria

The following applicants are eligible for the price:

  • Institutions or individuals active in (public) health care, industry or science
  • Interdisciplinary groups or project consortia
  • Organisations or associations

Submission deadline

Please submit your proposal to office@eHealth2017.at until 15.04.2018.

Documents to be Submitted

Submissions must written in English or German language and they need to be sent to the conference organisers in PDF format.
Submissions comprise of:

  • Project description (max. 10 pages) including a short description (max. 1 page), describing the following aspects:
    • Innovation (Application, Technolog<, Processes, interinstitutional cooperation, ... )
    • Benefit for patients (e.g. improved treatment quality, prevention of adverse events, new insights, economic benefits)
    • Presence of results so far
    • Sustainability
  • Description of the applicant (short C.V. of the main contact person, description of the company / working group / institution /...)

Sumitted projects need to show first results in the context of health care provision, i.e. they should at least be in a pilot phase.

The major contact person must be registered to the conference.
Only complete submissions are forwarded to the expert pannel.

Awarding Procedure

All submissions will be reviewed by an independent expert pannel. The expert pannel consists of independent, voluntary experts who only review submissions that they neighter directly nor indirectly envolved. The price will only be awarded if at least three projects are submitted. The E.T. Award will be awarded at the annual eHealth conference.

No recourse to legal action is permitted.

Previous E.T. Award Winners - 2016

_m1_5354"Bezirksübergreifende Software für die onkologische Chirurgie in Südtirol"

Project partners

Armanaschi1, A. Moskwaita2, H. Kaser1

 1 Betriebliches Amt für klinische und strategische Entwicklung des Südtiroler Sanitätsbetriebes
Betriebsabteilung Informatik des Südtiroler Sanitätsbetriebes

Previous E.T. Award Winners - 2014

etaward2014"HerzMobil Tirol - Kollaborative Herzinsuffizienz-Versorgung mit mobilfunkbasiertem Telemonitoring in Tirol"

Project partners

  • TILAK Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten GmbH
  • Land Tirol
  • Qualitätszirkel "Herzinsuffizienz - HerzMobil"
  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Evaluation partner:

  • UMIT - Private Universität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, Medizinische Informatik und Technik GmbH

Previous E.T. Award Winners - 2012

etaward2012"MOCCA - Integrierte eHealth Plattform"

Project partners

  • Wiener Sozialdienste Alten- und Pflegedienste GmbH
  • ilogs mobile software GmbH

Previous E.T. Award Winners - 2011

etaward2011"Gesundheitsdialog Diabetes mellitus (GD-DM)"


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