The netherlands are going to ban the sweeter Neotame (E961)

The popular sweetener might soon be illegal, as a new law in the making (original text see here), will ban it by structure definition:




Step1: propyl at R3 („alkyl- tot en met C 10“) and hexyl at R1 („alkyl- tot en met C 6“):

Step2: the 2nd carbon in the substituent R3 gets substituted with oxygen, while the 3rd
carbon in R1 is substituted with nitrogen:

Step3: The substituents R1 and R3 undergo substitution with oxygen via a double bond
(„with any chemically possible combination“ – including the possibility of double bonds),
additionally, the terminal end of R1 undergoes substitution with carbon three times:



Step4: at the 2nd position in R1 we substitute a branched chain consisting of two carbon
and two oxygen atoms („The substituents obtained in this way may have a continuous
chain of not more than 6 atoms not including hydrogen atoms“), resulting in Neotame:


The current status of this law can be found here:

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